Former AOTA President Florence Clark challenged all students and practitioners to create and support movements seeking to fulfill the centennial vision!

brOT accepted the challenge, and therfore our mission is:

“ To ensure the realization of the American Occupational Therapy Association’s (AOTA) centennial vision, by creating a widely recognized, diverse and powerful profession. We believe that diversity is the vehicle through which occupational therapy will reach a position of power. Our goal will be met by gaining the support of current students and professionals while promoting gender and cultural diversity throughout occupational therapy programs across the country.”

Steps Toward Our Mission:

  • Creation and distrubution of brOT promotional materials to those in the field of occupational therapy and to the general public. 
  • An aggressive advocacy campaign through social media outlets, public addresses/exhibiting at universities and high schools, print articles, TV, radio etc.
  • Push to establish brOT branches within the occupatonal therapy community and in universities across the country by launching the Ambassador Program.
  • Creation of a brOT scholarship fund for individuals pursuing a degree in the field of occupational therapy.

How you can help our mission:

  • Spread the word about occupational therapy and the brOT Movement with your friends, family, coworkers, classsmates, and faculty.
  • Visit our Store to purchase and display our promotional materials.
  • Become a brOT Ambassador and start your own advocacy journey. 


The Movement: Promoting Occupational Therapy

The Movement acts as a vivid representation of what Occupational Therapy is, what OT’s do and our vision for where Occupational Therapy needs to go by 2017